About The Rowdies

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Co-Founded by Josh Dellinger, David Gill, and Kennon “KP” Pearson, Red Eye Rowdies (R.E.R. for short) is a new supporters group for the Carolina Hurricanes. We aim to bring a new and unique fan experience to games and more. We've got ice in our blood, scarves in our hands, and chants in our mouthes! Glory Glory Carolina!

For the 2019/2020 Season, we will be sitting in section 314, towards the top. Here we will be laying the foundation for “our section”, so if you want to be where noise is being made, join us in 314! 314—soon to be “The Crows Nest”—provides a number of key features: close to our hangout bar River’s Edge Bar, convenient to bathrooms and other concessions, great vantage point, good seating and comfy seats, and eventually banners on/near the top wall!

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Supporter’s Group - A Culture We Can Be Proud Of

Supporter’s Group (SG for short) expands upon what it means to be a fan group. Supporter’s Group is are known for their fanatical colorful and vocal support in large groups, who create an atmosphere to intimidate opposing players and supporters, as well as encouraging their own team and fans. To be a Supporter’s Group is to provide a unique and—above all else—engaging experience as a fan. Whether it’s singing songs, waving flags, holding banners and scarves, yelling chants…all our ways that SGs are able to voice their support for their team and add to the atmosphere.

Here in the United States, the only sport that sees SGs is Soccer—from MLS to USL and beyond. Outside of the United States, SGs aren’t exclusive to soccer, it’s also present in basketball, and yes, HOCKEY! Below you can see an example of what supporter’s culture looks like abroad and what it could like here!

Being Vocal!

Above we’ve shown you what could be—but for now, let’s discuss what we currently do! First and foremost, we support the Carolina Hurricanes. If we want to create scenes such as what you see in this Djugårdens IF video, we have to start at PNC. Chants are a BIG part of Supporter’s Culture, and we aim to bring fun, engaging, and simple chants that can be used at any time to create an atmosphere that we have dreamed of! Don’t know the chants? Don’t worry, we will go over them at tailgates, as well as go over them throughout the game—you’ll pick them up very quickly!

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Another game day experience we want to bolster is tailgating. We absolutely love our friends in Section 328, and we want to grow with them in any way we can! We plant to tailgate right next to them in the far East Lot as often as possible, so don’t be afraid to hang and mingle with everyone!

This is a place where you can eat, drink, and just hang out with your fellow Caniacs!


Dead Whales On Ice

Wait, what on earth kind of title is that? Well, we are members of the Dead Whales Society and DWOI is the rebrand of “Oak City Supporters On Ice”. Before we existed as a group, Oak City Supporters would come to one Canes game per year and bring a taste of the Supporter’s Culture that they bring to WakeMed Soccer Park every year. Since joining with OCS to become members of the DWS, we have since rebranded it “Dead Whales On Ice”. We typically have two of these per season, and both will have amazing benefits and great times! If you want to see a more realistic goal of what culture we want to bring to PNC arena, you need to come to a Dead Whales On Ice night!

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Away Game Watch Parties

Our home away from home is The London Bridge Pub, right in downtown Raleigh! At least once a month, we have a planned watch party for away games! There’s several TVs (with audio!), great food, great beers, and good times to be had at LBP! We were very fortunate to host watch parties for EVERY away game during this past season’s playoffs, so we aim to do the same for every post season moving forward! So come on out and have a pint!