Joining The Red Eye Rowdies

If you want to be a member of the Red Eye Rowdies all you have to do is be a Canes fan—that’s it! Well, that’s the simple version. We are inclusive and welcome any Canes fan to our group, so if you like hanging with friends at games, watching games outside of PNC, and just being engaged in a unique group of Canes supporters, you can be one of us! That being said, starting in the 2019/2020 season we will be offering membership packages that will have some benefits and items!

2019 RER Membership - $30 (Scarves Estimated to arrive by beginning of October)

Now that we’ve had a full year to see what we want to accomplish as a group, we are able to focus on creating a unique membership package that we aim to improve on every season. Listed below is what’s included in your 2019 RER Membership package:

  • 2019 Red Eye Rowdies Scarf - when you purchase your membership, you will automatically receive the brand new RER scarf for the 2019 season

  • Exclusive 2019 Membership Sticker

  • A small trinket (to be decided)

  • First dibs on exclusive RER events (like Dead Whales On Ice), merch, and other things.

  • And more unique perks that come as the season goes by.

What Does My Membership & My Purchases Go To?

As members of the Dead Whales Society, we are officially under the Oak City Supporters Inc. registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. This means that we do not pocket a penny of the profits/money made on anything sold. This is a passion project for us, and it will never be about the money, so we want to use the money you all generously give us to provide great things for you. So what do your dollars go towards?

  • Funding Scarf Orders - We aim to create new, unique scarves every season, and as demand grows we will get bigger orders each year. Merch and scarf orders help maintain this ambition of ours!

  • Tailgates - Our plan for this next season is to plan 1 big tailgate per month, but also just have some more casual ones throughout the season. We want to make sure we can help provide however many refreshments as possible to you all so you can just show up and enjoy!

  • Special Events - Trips to Checkers games, Dead Whales On Ice events, and other events will be a staple of our seasons, and some of them require some up-front investment to make them happen so your membership and your dollars will allow us to easily set these events up!

  • Stickers - While we plan to keep stock of our logo stickers, we want to make sure we can provide unique and fun stickers for you collectors, and your dollars will help us provide these on a more regular basis!

  • More to Come - We have more plans to provide you all with unique experiences at tailgates, gameday, watch parties, and more. Whether it’s event or food subsidies, creating banners (as we aim to), or other related expenses, we want to make sure we can provide this to you every season!

Membership Banner.jpg